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The Theatre Royal’s youth group, originally called Second Star Youth Theatre, was established in October 2014 by Millie Hardy-Sims. It started with a play that was the culmination of a week’s worth of work as part of a half-term project, The Lost Boy. Second Star then became part of the Workington Playgoers organisation and is now a valued part of the theatre. We aim to put on three productions a year for friends, family, other members and the public.

In 2017, Millie went away to university, and the new management team for TRY was established. Georgia Douglas-Brown, our Youth Leader, is ultimately responsible for TRY. She is supported by the leadership team, comprised of Ellie Wilson and Lindsey Hewitt, Assistant Youth Leaders, and Harry Wallace, Apprentice Assistant Youth Leader. The Leadership Team support the Youth Council, which is made up of older TRY members, that shadow adult Playgoers members in their volunteering roles. The youth group is supported by the Safeguarding Team who oversee the safeguarding aspects of the youth group, including organising chaperones for our shows. The team is made up of: Helen Earl, Morgan Sweeney, Georgia Douglas-Brown and James Last. As Youth Leader, Georgia is also a member of the Playgoers’ Council.

In June 2018, the Youth Council decided SSYT needed a change. The youth group was rebranded as ‘Theatre Royal Youth’ or TRY, to bring the Playgoers and youth group closer together and encourage the ‘brand name’ of the Theatre Royal.

Theatre Royal Youth is designed to help young people aged 8–18 develop confidence and teamwork skills, learn about all aspects of theatre (on and off-stage!), make friends and perform. We aim to provide children with skills including stage makeup, set building, acting, costume making, directing and much more. We also aim to give our members one-of-a kind opportunities. These have included competing in the Little Theatre Guild Monologue Slam in 2019, where three of our members reached the Youth Final and one of our members received 2nd place.

If you (or a family member) are interested in getting involved, please do get in touch. We are always happy to hear from you.

Contact us on:


Our sessions are held on Saturday mornings, from 10am to 12 midday.

There is an Annual Subscription of £15. This also includes tickets to see all age-appropriate Workington Playgoers productions at the Theatre Royal.

New TRY Hoodies
The Railway Children
Hansel & Gretel
The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz
Girls Like That
Goodnight Mister Tom
The Adventures Of Pinoccio. Luke Plays Pinocchio


The Lost Boy
By Millie Hardy-Sims


Sleeping Beauty
By Millie Hardy-Sims

Hansel and Gretel
By Brothers Grimm
Adapted by Millie Hardy-Sims


Adapted for the stage by Millie Hardy-Sims

Unhappily Ever After
by Millie Hardy-Sims

It’s a Wonderful Life
Adapted by Tony Palermo


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
By Millie Hardy-Sims

The Wind in the Willows
Adapted by Kenneth Grahame


Alice in Wonderland
Written by Lewis Carroll
Adapted for the Stage by Brainerd Duffield

Spring Showcase
Directed by Sophie Mackenzie

Oliver Twist
Written by Charles Dickens
Adapted for the stage by Paul Adams

A Christmas Carol
Written by Charles Dickens
Adapted for the stage by Guy Williams


Girls Like That
Written by Evan Placey

The Railway Children
Written by E. Nesbit
Adapted by Dave Simpson

Swallows and Amazons

Written by A. Ransome
Adapted by Helen Edmundson


By Alison Carr in collaboration with Connections.

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