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Let’s Get Social

 Anne Bowmer Workington Playgoers Chairperson for 2023/24

Anne Bowmer plays Carrie
Anne is carrying on with her wish for more social events as her priority as she takes up her second year in office.
I have always enjoyed acting from a very early age, as well as singing and playing musical instruments.  For several years I did Medieval reenactment, 15th Century and own a few weapons; LongBow, English Bill, Bollock dagger and managed to win a sword fighting competition at one of our re-enactors friend’s wedding.

My email address: or call me 07854130462


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Workington Playgoers have a Coffee Morning on the last Saturday in the month. This is a value source of revenue for them especially now with the  rise in energy, insurance and escalating maintenance costs. 

Please join us, you will be made very welcome!

We  need Playgoers’ members  to run the our Coffee Mornings in  2024.
It is a good chance to meet up with friends.

There several members who are happy to bake. You don’t have to do it all. Just open up and serve.

    27th July – Sarah
31st August ? l 28th September ? l 26th October – Nicola
30th November ? l DTBA December ?

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