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Let’s Get Social

Our new Chair Anne Bowmer is making organising more social events a priority as she takes up her new office.
Taken from the November 2021 Prompter 

A New Chairperson for 2021/22

Hello to all of our members and there are ninety-two of us (not including our TRY members).

I was elected Chairperson in our November AGM and I am reaching out to everyone to say Hi. Our first council meeting took place on Tuesday 23rd November. We discussed various topics including; updating our Covid policy on the website, social events, how important the coffee morning is to re-engage our members. Our actors our group and how important everyone is and understanding what our members want. So please don’t hesitate to contact me, I am prepared to work hard to ensure our group meets your expectations. We discussed possible social events including – Christmas quiz, murder mystery nights and a summer BBQ please let me know any other great ideas you would like to put forward.

A little bit about me. I am a professional Management accountant and I also have trained in mental health awareness with Mind. I have been a member of the theatre for a considerable number of years and taken a number of active roles. I am passionate about the success of our theatre and want to provide the opportunity for our members to become more engaged through:

  • Increased communication
  • Organising social events
  • More member engagement
  • Increased audience numbers

My email address: or call me 07854130462

Coffee Morning (click for details) 4th December 2021 in the Theatre Royal foyer.

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