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All members are invited to suggest a play for consideration by the Production Team.
All the plays chosen for consideration must be read by the Production team and based on the following elements

  • Likely popularity of the play
  • Size of the cast
  • Consider the set building crew with reference to time scale and complexity
  • Links to other events which may increase marketing and publicity potential i.e school curriculum plays if identified/local themes.

Once the play selection is complete and to the satisfaction of the team, the list must be submitted to the council for ratification.
The selected plays should be made known to the membership
A meeting of potential directors convened and plays allocated according
to choice with a timely follow-up in order to cast the plays.
A meeting of directors with the Production Team for the purpose of casting the plays

The Production Team will instigate play readings throughout the season in order to identify those who have potential and who otherwise might not come forward for selection.
If the casting process has not identified the full cast , the production team will approach members and non-members to fulfil specific roles and decisions based on:

  • The most suitable person for the role
  • Finding a cast with which the director can work
  • How recently an individual has been cast in another play
  • On giving an opportunity to a new member
  • Creating a balanced cast

Productions Team October 2016

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