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2022 February Hunt

By Fionnuala Kennedy

Directed by Georgia Douglas-Brown.

Hunt is about a group of teenagers playing their version of hide and seek. Their version entails ‘borrowing’ objects from their neighbours back gardens, and ‘dumping’ them at the ‘box’ without being caught, by either the official pursuers or the neighbours who’s gardens they are infringing upon – hence the chances of being caught are twofold. The more outlandish and extraordinary the object and the more difficult to acquire it is, the more kudos you score. The thing is, nearly all of these teenagers are far too old to play this ‘kids’ game, and its February, its freezing and there’s a storm coming, but Jo wants to impress James, the boy from her new school, he’s not from round here and she’s not from round there. Their fledgling relationship represents a bridge across a class divide. So begrudgingly the ‘band’ gets back together, for one last game. However, this could be the worst decision of their tiny lives as little do they know that the rumours about the strange, predatory Man in the Vanare true and the even stranger, dangerous, the one everyone has been warned to stay away from, MadDanielle is back on the block. This is a hunt they will never forget.

Recommended age: 14+

In collaboration with National Theatre’s Connections project.

Director’s note:

Good evening and welcome to the Theatre Royal. We have thoroughly enjoyed working on the Connections project again this year. Our young people have particularly enjoyed being a part of the process from start to finish as over the last two years the process has been halted due to the pandemic. We are looking forward to performing in our partner theatre, ‘Home’, in Manchester in April. Hunt reminds us not to judge others based on someone else’s opinion and experiences. It explores how everyone is dealing with their own issues at home that we may not be aware of and that friendship is one of the greatest gifts. 

I would like to thank all those involved in making this production happen, from the TRY leadership team to the chaperones back stage and the technical team.

Enjoy the show!
Georgia Douglas-Brown

TRY Youth Leader 

Date: Thursday 24th – Saturday 26th February 2022.
Start Time: 7:00pm
Doors open 30 minutes before performance times.

Tickets: £8 Concessions: £6

Sophia Alford plays Niamh. Sophia has been a member of TRY sinch 2015, when it was known as Second Star Youth Theatre. She has been involved in all of TRYs' productions. She has performed in Playgoers' Productions too, such as Goodnight Mister Tom and A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Phoebe Sansom plays Danielle. She has been a member of TRY sine she was 11. Her favourite show was Oliver as it was her first with TRY. She is looking forward to unravelling a shocking plot twist on stage during Hunt
Luke Ritson plays James. He has been a member of TRY since he was 10. His most memorable performance to date was the role of Willy in Goodnight Mister Tom. He is looking forward to going into the sixth form in September.
Liam Atkinson plays Steve. He has been performing since he was in Year 2. His favourite thing about performing is making the audience laugh. At TRY Liam is famous for often taking a tumble during rehearsals (and sometimes during a show).
Jess Henderson plays Carly. She has been performing since she was in the juniors. She takes part in the school performance every year and is interested in theatre craft both on and off stage. She would like to be an illustrator when she is older.
Harry Wallace plays Alvin
Ellie Goldwater plays Lisa. She has been acting since she was 14. Her favourite thing about Hunt is the interesting dynamic between characters and the way they interact. Ellie loves that joining TRY has created friendships for her.
Abbie Ritson plays Peppa. She has been a member of TRY for as long as she can remember. She featured in the adult’s production of Stepping Out, alongside her mum. When she’s older Abbie would like to be either a P.D. teacher or paediatrician.
Rhys Kirkbride plays Eugene. This is Rhy's first production with TRY. So far he is enjoying rehearsals and is excited to see Hunt come to life onstage. Rhy's most memorable performance includes wearing a gold catsuit for Nativity with MAODS.
Emily Rogers plays Jo. "I am fairly new to the group as I only joined in June 2021. Since then I've enjoyed every rehearsal we've had. I've been very excited to play a character that differs from my prefered comedic role". Jo's true self will definitely be a huge shock to the audience.

The Cast of Hunt

Photographs by Chris Lewis Photography

Times and Star Pre piece February 11th 2022

Workington youth group to perform for National Arts Council

WORKINGTON’S Theatre Royal Youth group are set to perform a play which explores the unwanted and anticipated transition from childhood to adulthood.

Led by Georgia Douglas-Brown, the young performers will perform Hunt by Fionnuala Kennedy at The Theatre Royal on Washington Street from Thursday, February 24 to Saturday, February 26.

The play follows a group of Belfast teenagers playing their own version of hide and seek. It involves ‘borrowing’ objects from their neighbours’ back gardens and ‘dumping’ them at the ‘box’ without being caught by their neighbours, or each other.

This is a set piece chosen by the National Arts Council (NAC) for to young people to perform. They will be monitored and given feedback by the NAC. The ethos behind this project is to help and prepare young people for their adult and working lives.

Tickets for the show cost £8 for adults and £6 for concessions. These can be purchased through the Theatre Royal’s website.

In June 2021 the Theatre Royal Youth performed Crusaders by Frances Poet

A group of teens gather to take their French exam but none of them will step into the exam hall. Because Kyle has had a vision and he’ll use anything, even miracles, to ensure his classmates accompany him. Together they have just seven days to save themselves, save the world and be the future.And Kyle is not the only one who has had the dream. All across the globe, from Azerbaijan to Zambia, children are dreaming and urging their peers to follow them to the promised land.Who will follow? Who will lead? Who will make it?

As part of National Theatre Connections – a nationwide celebration of new plays for young people. Crusaders is one of ten brand new plays written especially for Connections by a selection of the best playwriting talent in the UK.

In February 2020 the Theatre Royal Youth  performed Tuesday by Alison Carr.

It’s an ordinary Tuesday and the kids are out in the school yard, when a large rip appears in the sky above them. Pupils and staff are sucked upwards – and a whole new set of people start raining down, which is apparently what happens when parallel worlds collide!

As part of National Theatre Connections – a nationwide celebration of new plays for young people. Tuesday is one of ten brand new plays written especially for Connections by a selection of the best playwriting talent in the UK.

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