It definitely all went like a dream for Theatre Royal Shakespeare Players in Wednesday’s performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Workington’s Theatre Royal.

I would not describe myself as a Shakespeare fan ordinarily, but I laughed several times during the play at everything from an incredible special effects custom made ass’s head to the 16th century version of Love Island that unfolded in front of me, with the Demetrius, Lysander, Hermia and Helena complex love scenario and I thoroughly enjoyed it all.

It is apparent that the cast are Shakespeare fans and this comes through. All the cast were good, but several members stood out with their characterisation.

Will Tillotson’s delivery of Bottom was excellent, natural and very entertaining – particularly the dying scene. Ian Quirk, was a wonderfully energetic Puck. Stewart Grant, as Oberon, and Jane Douglas, as Titania, gave their usual highly convincing performances and Craig Norendal played a confident Theseus. Up and coming cast members did a great show too, in particular Georgia Douglas-Brown who had much to remember as Helena, which she managed effortlessly.

I enjoyed the effects of the new flying grid, which provided a realistic looking forest scene backdrop. The audience were very appreciative of the show, evidenced by the applause.  LYNNE WILD