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2010 January Fawlty Towers

By John Cleese and Connie Booth
Adapted for Stage by Geoff Hool and Morgan Sweeney
18th – 23rd January 2010
Directed by Geoff Hool

A Workington Playgoers Production

Times and Star Prepiece
Times and Star Review

This Run Was Scheduled For December 2009 But Had To Be Postponed Until January 2010 Because Of The Floods In West Cumbria
Fawlty Towers 2010
Ian Mitchell As Manuel
Sarah Delorme As Sybil
"I Can Speak English"
The Germans
"Don't Mention The War"
Manuel Tackles Fawlty
Ben Brinicombe As Basil Fawlty
'I Need Change'
"Turn It Up"
The Psychiatrists
Polly, Manuel And Basil Fawlty

Photographs by Gordon Rushton

Morning Mr Fawlty
Mrs Richards And Manuel Waiting For Their Entrance
Backstage Capers!
The Psychiatrists Anne Chambers And Morgan Sweeney
Miss Tibbs, The Major And Miss Gatsby
Backstage Chatter
The Young Honeymoon Couple. Alison Douglas And Konrad Hansen

Backstage capers! Photographs by Jenni Rushton

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