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2023 December Last of the Summer Wine


Written by Roy Clarke

Director  Becky Wilson

This is a stage adaptation of the television series Last of the Summer Wine.  All of the televised episodes, which spanned 30 years, were written by Roy Clarke who also wrote such classics as Keeping up Appearances and Open All Hours.

In the play Foggy, Clegg and Compo embark on their last adventure.  Foggy has decided he needs some female company and his choice has alighted on Constance, Nora Batty’s niece.  The fact that she is also the longstanding fiancée of Foggy’s rival Gifford Beaumont might also have influenced his choice.  As his accommodation is not suitable Foggy persuades Clegg to invite Constance, chaperoned by her Aunt Nora, to his house for the evening. Clegg is under strict instructions not to let Compo know of the plan as Foggy considers him to be unsuitable company for ladies. However Compo turns up in his usual disreputable state just before the ladies arrive and of course is not going to miss the opportunity of free food. 

Unbeknown to Foggy and Clegg a flasher has been reported in the area and on the evening of their soiree Gifford Beaumont has vowed to patrol the area to catch him.  Chaos ensues when the flasher also manages to get into the house resulting in Foggy and Clegg having to employ more and more desperate measures to shield the ladies from him and Compo.  This is further complicated when Gifford also comes to the house to rally support for his venture and to challenge Foggy.  Foggy’s careful preparations are wrecked amid mayhem and mistaken identities.  

Do not miss the opportunity to see the intrepid trio in their last hilarious enterprise.

Date: Wednesday 6th – Saturday 9th December 2023.
Start Time: 7:30 pm
Doors open:  30 minutes before performance times.

All tickets £14
Tickets can be bought online or in person at the theatre each night of the show.

Craig Norendal Plays FOGGY
Keith Martin Plays COMPO
Matthew Poynton Plays CLEGGY
Sarah Delorme Plays NORA BATTY
James Last Plays THE FLASHER
Sammi Middleton Plays CONSTANCE

Cast of Last of the Summer Wine L/R
Craig Norendal plays Foggy
Keith Martin plays Compo
Matthew Poynton plays Clegg
Sarah Delorme plays  Nora Batty
James Last plays  Flasher
Owen Evans plays Gifford Beaumont
Sammi Middleton plays Constance

FOGGY Played By Craig Norendal
COMPO Played By Keith Martin
CLEGGY Played By Matthew Poynton
NORA BATTY Played By Sarah Delorme
THE FLASHER Played By James Last
CONSTANCE Played By Sammi Middleton

Cast Portraits

Photographs taken by Chris Lewis

Cast Of Last Of The Summer Wine With Director Becky Wilson
Cast Of Last Of The Summer Wine - In Character!

Everyone in character bringing a well known and well loved series to life!

Photographs taken by Chris Lewis

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