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1936 April Outward Bound

By Sutton Vane
2nd – 4th April 1936
Directed by I. M. Banner Mendus

The First Workington Playgoers Club Public Production

Seven passengers meet in the saloon bar of a ship as it sets sail from an unidentified English port. Socialite Mrs Cliveden -Banks is on her way to join her husband, a Colonel in the army; Mr Lingley has important business in Marseilles; charlady Mrs Midget is making her first passage by sea; Reverend William Duke is looking forward to a holiday, while Tom Prior intends to spend the journey in the ship’s saloon bar. Also on board are Henry and Ann, a young couple who seem anxious for the ship to leave port. But the travellers have more in common than they dare to suspect. Out at sea, an eerie calm settles over the ship as Tom is the first to discover the fate which awaits his fellow passengers…

Outward Bound - A Honorary Orchestra Played
Outward Bound
Outward Bound
Mr George Lawson - Director Of The Honorary Orchestra. Photograph Donated To The Archive By His Son Arnold Lawson
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