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1937 December A Bill of Divorcement

By Clemence Dane
2nd -4th December 1937
Producer Mr. P.J.R.Thomas

A Workington Playgoers Club Public Performance

The play was first produced in 1921 and the audience were then asked to imagine that the action took place on Christmas Day, 1933, and that the recommendations of the Majority Report of the Royal Commission on Divorce and Matrimonial Causes had become the law of the land.

The passing of Mr A.P. Herbert’s Marriage Bill this year has now made the recommendations referred to in the play the actual law.

A Bill Of Divorcement There Was An Honorary Orchestra Playing Incidental Music
The Stage Crew At Work
A Founding Member Of The Playgoers Club Mr I.M. Banner-Mendus
Review-Times And Star 4th December 1937
Review-Times And Star-4th December 1937
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