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1939 December “Dear Brutus”

By J.M. Barrie 7th - 9th December 1939 Directed by H. A. White & E. Mona Clucas Acts One and Three - The Drawing Room of Lob's House Act Two - The Wood Photographs by Mr Henderson, Washington Street 'Dear Brutus'…

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1938 February “Mary Rose”

By J.M. Barrie 1st February 1938 - Private Production just for the members of Playgoers  Directed by E. Mona Clucas This is the fictional story of Mary Rose, a girl who vanishes twice.  As a child, Mary Rose was taken by…

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1937 December “Bill of Divorcement”

By Clemence Dane December 1937 Directed by Unknown A play written by Clemence Dane as a reaction to a law passed in Britain in the early 1920s that allowed insanity as grounds for a woman divorcing her husband. Looks like…

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