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1939 December – Dear Brutus

Dear Brutus by J.M. Barrie Dear Brutus' explores what might happen if ordinary men and women, mired in unhappiness, were given the magical opportunity to remake their lives, or, as the butler Matey says, the chance to "take the right…

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1938 February – Mary Rose

By J.M. Barrie 1st February 1938 - Private Production just for the members of Playgoers  Directed by E. Mona Clucas This is the fictional story of Mary Rose, a girl who vanishes twice.  As a child, Mary Rose was taken by…

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1937 December – Bill of Divorcement

By Clemence Dane December 1937 Directed by Unknown A play written by Clemence Dane as a reaction to a law passed in Britain in the early 1920s that allowed insanity as grounds for a woman divorcing her husband. Looks like…

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