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2024 October Treasure Island

Treasure Island
Story by Louis Robert Stevenson
Adapted for the stage by Millie Hardy-Sims

Director  Millie Hardy-Sims

Millie Hardy-Sims

Treasure Island, adapted for stage by Millie Hardy-Sims, is based on the 1883 timeless adventure novel of the same name, written by Robert Louis Stevenson. A story which paved the way for the image of pirates as we know them. Treasure Island is a story of hardship, loyalty, coming-of-age and adventure which has delighted audiences for over 130 years.

It is the late 18th century. Piracy is rife amongst the seas and many coastal towns live in fear. Young Jim Hawkins lives with his Mother in their rundown inn along the Bristol Coast. They’ve seen better days, and just as things are looking desperate for the Admiral Benbow, a stranger appears seeking shelter. He is brash, tattooed, scarred and permanently drunk. His appearance in the inn quickly brings down bad fortune upon the Hawkins family.

Their quiet inn is soon host to many bloodthirsty and brutal pirates who are in search of just one thing – a map to the treasure of the long dead notorious Captain Flint. Little do they know Jim has already found the map and fled the inn, a warning ringing in his ears… “Beware the one legged man.”

Jim soon finds himself on a seafaring adventure in search of the treasure, accompanied by family friend Doctor Livesey, fierce Captain Alexander Smollett, silver-tongued Squire Trelawney and a salty, one-legged sea-cook by the name of Long John Silver. Along the journey they must battle storms, find what to do with drunken sailors and try to keep their heads above water on their way to the island. All that, and a rumour that there be pirates.

A true-to-book adaptation for the stage suitable for all the family.

Date: Wednesday  9th – Saturday 12th October 2024
Start Time: 7.30pm

Doors open:  30 minutes before performance times.

Tickets: £14
Tickets can be bought online or in person at the theatre each night of the show.

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