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2024 December Blithe Spirit

Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward
“An Improbable farce in three Acts”- Noel Coward

Director  Jenni Rushton

When author Charles Condomine and his wife, Ruth, invite 2 friends for dinner they decide to spice up the evening by also inviting the local eccentric medium Madame Arcati.  Neither couple believe she is genuine and expect a very amusing evening but when Madame Arcati accidentally manages to summon up Elvira, Charles’ dead first wife, things change.  Only Charles can see or hear Elvira and she is bent on mischief and has a plan to be able to be with Charles for ever. In the following days Charles has to negotiate between his two wives, one of which cannot see or hear the other.  This leads to all sorts of misunderstandings.  In the end Ruth is so fed up with the whole situation that she sends again for Madame Arcati in the hope she will return Elvira from whence she came.  Was this a wise move or will it push Elvira in attempting to secure Charles for ever? Will she succeed or will the plan go horribly wrong?

Blithe Spirit opened in the West End in 1941 and ran for 1997 performances.  Coward’s witty dialogue, sparkling wit and farcical situations mean that it remains a popular play with audiences today so why not join us for a little séance.  After all what could go wrong?

This play was performed by Playgoers in 1960, 1970 & 1996. Click on the dates to see photographs and read reviews of the performances.

Date: Wednesday 4th – Saturday 7th December 2024
Start Time: 7.30pm

Doors open:  30 minutes before performance times.

Tickets: £14
Tickets can be bought online or in person at the theatre each night of the show.

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