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2024 April I’ll Be Back Before Midnight

I’ll Be Back Before Midnight
Written by Peter Colley

  Workington Playgoers’ Production
Director  Jane Douglas                                      Producer James Last

Jane Douglas plays Ursula                                               James Last plays THE FLASHER

Jan is recovering from a nervous disorder and has just been released from hospital.Her husband, Greg, brings her to an isolated farmhouse to recover and for them to rekindle their marriage.Immediately Jan finds that unnerving things are happening.Greg announces that his sister Laura is to join them.Jan has never liked or got on with Laura and she finds that her relationship with Greg is unnaturally close and somewhat secretive.

Then there is George, the old farmer, who lives close by.  He delights in tales of local murders and weird happenings that have taken place in the house.  He alarms Jan with accounts of a ghostly Hermit, the sound of heartbeats presaging the next death, and a mysterious bloodstain that appears on the floor. Laura arrives and Jan is, once again, dismayed by the way she dominates and tries to monopolise Greg, encouraging Jan to take more medication and belittling her attempts to get back to normal.More and more frightening things occur. 

Jan cannot understand what is going on and is terrified!
Will you be too?
We dare you to come and find out!

Date: Wednesday  24th – Saturday 27th April 2024
Start Time: 7.30pm

Doors open:  30 minutes before performance times.

Tickets: £14
Tickets can be bought online or in person at the theatre each night of the show.

The Cast With Director Jane Douglas

Production photographs by Chris Lewis

Owen Evans

Owen Evans plays GREG SANDERSON

Owen joined Playgoers to take part in Blackadder the Third, in which he was quite at home playing various ridiculous characters with silly voices. Murder on the Nile was his second production with the group. We all laughed at his wonderful portrayal of Gifford Bewmont, the hapless fiancé of the long-suffering Constance, Nora Batty’s niece in Playgoers 2023 Christmas production of Last of the Summer Wine.

Becky Wilson

Becky Wilson plays LAURA SANDERSON

I’ve been at Playgoers since 2011 and played many roles in that time, from Shakespeare heroines, to the Vicar of Dibley. Last year Becky directed her first main stage production Last of the Summer Wine.

Lauren Elliot

Lauren Elliot plays JAN SANDERSON

This is Laurie’s second time on the stage playing one of the main characters. In 2023 she played Jacqueline de Severac in Murder on the Nile, ” The part was an absolutely joy; all of the cast and crew were really lovely, and made me feel really welcome.”

Keith Martin

Keith Martin plays GEORGE WILLOWBY

For over forty years, Keith has performed G&S operettas since his student days in Aberystwyth. The first time Keith “trod the boards” as an actor at the Theatre Royal, was in the 2023 Christmas production of Last of the Summer Wine. He played the part of Compo.

The cast of I’ll Be Back Before Midnight in rehearsal.

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