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2007 May The Steamie

By Tony Roper
15th – 19th May 2007
Directed by Morgan Sweeney

A Workington Playgoers Production

Pre Piece
"Isn't It Wonderful To Be A Woman."
Magrit, " This Is The Most Stupidest Conversation I Have Ever Heard!"
Andy, "Aagh, Don't Want Any Mer To Drink. Ah've Had Enough!"
"We've Nane Of Us Have Goat Money, But There's Nae Excuse Fur Thin. Ye Can Aye Afford A Bar O' Soap Can't Ye/"
Jenni Rushton As Magrit And Peter Inglis As Andy. "You've Just Inferred That My Friend's No Right In The Head"
The Cast Of The Steamie Back Row: Peter Inglis As Andy, Val Brown As Doreen Front Row: Jenni Rushton As Magrit, Marlene Johnston As Dolly And Chris Jackson As Mrs Culfeathers
Review By Phil Cram For The Times And Star

Photographs by Gordon Rushton

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