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1993 October A World Premier Shakespeare Country

By Peter Whelan
18th – 23 October 1993
Director Jenni Rushton

A Workington Playgoers Club Production

The playwright Peter Whelan meets the director Jenni Rushton and some of the cast and band members when he visits the Theatre Royal

The Playwright Peter Whelan  1931 – 2014

Publicity for the Production

Down A Gun Barrel. Sgt. 405 (played By Brian Young) Shows His Authority
Shakespeare Country
Derek Dearne As Koichi Bardo Talks To Karen Dawson As Webbo, A New Age Traveller
Is That A Bird? Says Billy Shake (Dave Aspen). But Rafe Duke, Left (Greg Greenhalgh) And Zana Ferris (Liz Chapman) Are Unsure.
Rosey Lucchini As Bonny Lee, Billy's Manager Talks To Dave Aspen As Billy Shake , Eddie Parsons As Dan Howard, Liz Chapman As Lara Ferris And Carol Jamieson As Mira
Times And Star Review By Tracy Walker

Photographs by Kind Permission of the Times and Star

GALA DINNER for The Hospice at Home, hosted by Workington Playgoers President Margaret Graham and Keith Beattie (Publicity)

Photographs by Ivor Nicholas

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