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1989 May While the Sun Shines

By Terence Rattigan
3rd May – 9th May 1989
Director John Skelton

A Workington Playgoers Club Production

The Programme - Cast
L/R Ian Mitchell As The Earl Of Harpenden, Keith Beattie As Lieutenant Mulvaney and David Simpson As Lieutenant Colbert
That's Yours... From L/R, Geoff Hool (Horton), Derek Thompson (Duke) And Jenni Rushton (Lady Elizabeth).
The Great Dictator... L/R Ian Mitchell (Lord Harpenden) And Keith Beattie (Lt. Mulvaney).

Photographs by Cumbrian Newspapers Ltd

Jenni Rushton As Lady Elizabeth Randall And Sylvia Heaney As Mabel Crum
Sylvia Heaney As Mabel Crum
Keith Beattie And Ian Mitchell And Director John Skelton

Backstage Photographs by the Cast

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