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1989 March Jane Eyre

by Charlotte Bronte
Adapted by Helen Jerome
8th – 14th  March 1989
Director Dudley Evans

A Workington Playgoers Club Production

Jane Eyre (Jane Hool), Adele Varens (Helen Mossop), Mrs Fairfax (Barbara Singleton) And Rochester (Jim Howson)
Mrs Fairfax (Barbara Singleton) And Leah (Catherine Simpson)
Rochester (Jim Howson), Bertha Mason (Connie Watson) And Grace Poole (Margaret Yearsley)
Briggs (Alex Penn), Rev. Wood (Geoffrey Hall), Mason (Ralph Garret), Rochester (Jim Howson)
St John (Frank Yearsley, Jane Eyre (Jane Douglas), Diana Rivers (Ann Meldrum) And Hannah (Connie Watson)
Jane Eyre (Jane Douglas) And Rochester (Jim Howson)
Rochester (Jim Howson), Blanche (Carol Jamieson), Lord Ingram (Richard Jones) And Lady Ingram (Lola Foster)

Photographs by Cumbrian Newspapers Ltd

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