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1987 September A Thin Veneer

By Colin Fleming
23rd – 29th September 1987
Directed by Marjorie Hool

A Workington Playgoers Club Production

Local Playwright Colin Fleming

1987 was the 40th Anniversary of the Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain. The theme of the celebration was NEW PLAYS. Members of the Guild, including Workington Playgoers, were urged to find and present a play which had not been previously produced, encouraged by sponsorship from BFNL. Many of the 65 members were unable to find new plays and Playgoers had almost given up hope – having read dozens of the weirdest scripts imaginable. Playgoers then discovered Colin Fleming, a regular patron of ours, had this play A Thin Veneer sitting on his shelf at home waiting to be adopted. The Casting Committee all agreed that it had great potential.

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