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1984 April Dry Rot

By John Chapman
A Farce in Three Acts
11th – 17th April (exc. Sunday)
Director Geoff Hool

A Workington Playgoers Club Production

Dry Rot was written by John Chapman for Brian Rix’s group at the Whitehall Theatre, and first presented in 1954. It succeeded Reluctant Heroes, and is generally regarded as one of the funniest of the Whitehall farces.
The Playgoers performed it in 1960 and it was then contemporary. We are presenting it this week in the period of the original production.
Director Geoff Hool

It deals with a crazy, but very likeable gang of bookies who, in order to be near the racecourse, are staying at a country hotel run by a retired colonel and his wife and daughter. Secret rooms, sliding panels, mistaken identity and a nice little bit of romance are some of the main ingredients of this very racy and slick farce, which never lets up for a moment and provides some of the best possible entertainment around.

Preview By Joan Cooper
Back Row: Margaret Yearsley, Derek Dearne, Keith Beattie And Jane Dickens. Sitting: Steve Baxter, Marjorie Hool, Ted Younghusband, Sylvia Heaney And Frank Yearsley.
The Programme - The Cast
The Set Of Dry Rot
The Set Of Dry Rot
L/R Derek Dearne, Bob Johnson, Keith Beattie And Marjorie Hool
Flash Harry (Derek Dearne) And Alf Tubbe (Keith Beattie) Carry Jockey Fred Fipps (Bob Johnson) Back Into The Room.
Concern On The Stairs As Col. Wagstaffe (Ted Younghusband) Puts His Foot In It! Looking On Are Steve Baxter And Sylvia Heaney
Albert Polignac (Frank Yearsley) And Beth Barton (Jane Dickens) In A Romantic Mood At The Bar.
Col. Wagstaffe (Ted Younghusband) Struggles With Sergeant Fire (Margaret Yearsley) For The Shotgun!
Beth Barton (Jane Dickens)listens In As John Danby (Steve Baxter) And Susan Wagstaffe (Sylvia Heaney) Talk On The Sofa.
Review By Barbara Cooper

Photographs by Kind Permission of Cumbrian Newspapers Ltd

The play was performed at the Theatre Royal in 1960,  Click here  to look at the production and enjoy browsing through our extensive archive of past shows.

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