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1981 March Intent to Murder

By Leslie Sands
10th – 14th  March 1981
Director Robbie Graham

A Workington Playgoers Club Production

Within minutes of the opening of this play, we are plunged into the middle of an explosive situation. Janet Preston, a well-known authoress who lives alone in a remote cottage on the Yorkshire Moors, has killed her husband, a complete rogue and criminal on the run. Before she can get rid of the body, she is confronted by his accomplice George, who blackmails her into agreeing to pass him off as the dead man until such time as he can make a getaway. The events that follow are full of twists and excitement and the unexpected denouement skilfully reconciles the audience’s sympathies and sense of involvement with a demand for justice.

Times And Star Prepiece
Times And Star Review By Tim Hamblin

Photographs by Stan Partleton –  Cumbrian Newspapers Ltd.

The play was performed at the Theatre Royal in 2009. Click here  to look at the production and enjoy browsing through our extensive archive of past shows.

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