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1979 April Boeing Boeing

By Bill Naughton
23rd – 28th April 1979
Director John Skelton

  A Workington Playgoers Club Production

Once upon a time there were three air hostesses – Janet, Jacqueline and Judith. They were all engaged to Bernard, a bachelor architect, who had more designs on the girls than on the drawing board. Clever Bernard had convinced each girl that she would not be kept in the air very long before he married her.
It was all a question of studying the timetables and keeping on the right side of his down to earth housekeeper, who would always be relied upon to change the beds and the photographs beside them.
Bernard’s old school friend, Robert arrives unexpectedly from the country, and is bewildered by the complications that arise when the airlines introduce the Super-Boeing.
But for this jet-set there are happy landings!

Director John Skelton

The Programme
The Programme - The Cast
The Programme - The Crew

Boeing- Boeing was first produced as a Private Production in 1969. The Air Hostess uniforms came from AUTAIR INTERNATIONAL AIRWAYS LTD

Photographs taken by Grahame Hayton

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