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1964 February Bonaventure

By Charlotte Hastings
5th -12th February 1964
Directed by W. Hunter

A Workington Playgoers Club Public Production

The Full Cast Of Bonaventure
Dr. Jeefries (Ted Younghusband) Lights A Cigarette For Sarat During A Hand Of Bridge
Sister Bonaventure (Mary McGuckin) Has Cut Her Finger Dressed By Dr. Jeffries (Ted Younghusband)
Sister Bonaventure Persists In Reconstructing Events Despite The Warder's Attempt To Dissuade Her
Sarat Carn (Barbara Hunter) Is Restrained By The Warder (Charles Wheeler) And Wardress (Mary Brown)
Having Tea Are Nurses Brett (Dorothy Powers) And Phillips (Betty McLaughlin) Watched By Martha (Elizabeth Gale) And Sister Josephine (Ann Johnson)
Cumberland Evening Star Review 7th February 1964

The Cast

Barbara Hunter
Mary McGuckin
Ted Younghusband
Betty McLaughlin
Dorothy Powers
Mary Brown
Elizabeth Gale
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