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1964 April My Three Angels

By Leslie Sands
28th November – 4th December 1963
Directed by Ivor Newton & W. McKnight Bell

A Workington Playgoers Club Public Production

Full Cast - Seated Eira Corner, Phyllis Cowin, Judith Blake; Standing, Ken Templeton, Geoff Hool, George Valentine. Robert Banks, John Gale , Ron Ellwood And Ron Dickens
The Untimely Arrival Of Gaston Lamare (John Gale) And His Nephew Paul Cassagon (Ron Dickens)
Alfred - Convict 4707- (Robert Banks) Rescues The ForlornMarie Louise (Judith Blake) Watched Over By The Other Two "angels" And Her Mother (Eira Corner) And Father (George Valentine)
The Contented Angels Retire And Leave Sub-Lt Espoir (Ken Templeton) Unaware Of His Rosy Future
Marie Louise Dulay (Judith Blake), The "three Angels" (Robert Banks, Ron Ellwood And Geoff Hool)
Convict Joseph Bolt (Geoff Hool) Extracts A Little On A Account From Reluctant Madame Parole (Phyllis Cowin), Assisted By Alfred And Jules
Cumberland Evening Star Review Friday 3rd April 1964

The Cast

Phyllis Cowin
Judith Blake
George Valentine
Robert Banks
Ron Ellwood
Geoff Hool
John Gale
Mr Ken Templeton
Ron Dickens
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