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1962 March The Sound of Murder

By William Fairchild
22nd -28th March 1962
Directed by T Conroy

A Workington Playgoers Club Public Production

The Full Cast Of The Sound Of Murder
The Club Is Grateful To Messers. Simmons, 8 & 27 Finkle Street , Workington , For The Loan Of Furniture And Properties
Marriott (Ken Templeton) Over The Dead Body Makes A "cover Up" Phone Call
Mr Ken Templeton
The Inspector (John Gale) Checks Charles Norbury's (D.H. Evans) Gun Licence
Dudley Evans
John Gale
The Considerate Inspector (John Gale) Pours A Reviving Drink For The Wife Of The Murdered Man Mrs Norbury ( Irene Newton)
Miss Forbes (Valerie Banner Mendus) Finds The Body And The Plot Thickens
Norbury (D.H. Evans) Hands Over The Gun To The Inspector (J.H.Gale)
Cumberland Evening News Review Thursday 22nd March 1962
Cumberland Evening News Review Thursday 22nd March 1962

This show was also performed at the Theatre Royal in 1983. Click here to look at our this production – and enjoy browsing through our extensive archive.

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