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1996 December An Ideal Husband

An Ideal Husband
4th – 10th December 1996 (exc. Sunday)
Directed by Geoff Hool

Jenni Rushton As Mrs Cheveley And Geoffrey Hall As Sir Robert Chiltern
Jim Howson As Lord Goring
Lady Markby (Sylvia Paulin)
Jenni Rushton As Mrs Cheveley
Pam Hayes As Lady Chiltern
Gordon Rushton As Mason Butler To Sir Robert Chiltern
Mis Mabel Chiltern (Melanie Fisher)
Brian Nutter As The Earl Of Caversham
John Holmes As Phipps Butler To Lord Goring
Geoffrey Hall And Pam Armstrong
Gossiping Mrs Marchmont(Pat Brinicombe) And Lady Basildon (Chris Jackson)

Photographs with the Kind Permission of the Times and Star

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