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Whodunnit by Anthony Shaffer

By Anthony Shaffer

This comedy thriller, by Anthony Shaffer, has all the dazzling cleverness we associate with the author of Sleuth, and keeps the audience guessing right to the end.

In true Agatha Christie style, six strangers and a butler have gathered for a black-tie dinner in a wealthy lawyer’s mansion during a thunderstorm. Those present include an aging rear admiral, a bitchy aristocrat, an elderly archaeologist, a dashing young cad and an outrageously drunken butler. There is also Andreas Capodistriou, a smooth-talking serpent of a man, who is intent on blackmail. As he works his way around the guests, the sub-plots thicken…

‘A torrent of merriment’ New York Magazine

A Workington Playgoers Production

Show details
Doors open: 7 pm
Performance:  7:30 pm
Running Time: 2.5 hours
Date: Tues 2nd – Sat 6th June 2020
 Adults £12.00
 Concessions £11.00
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