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Minutes of the AGM of Workington Playgoers Limited
held in the Theatre Royal 7.30pm on Tuesday 6 September 2016
The Chairman (Peter Inglis) took the Chair in the presence of 32 members. Apologies were received from 14 members. Minutes of the 2015 AGM were approved and there were no matters arising.
Chairman’s Report   The Chairman welcomed the members attending and expressed his relief and pride that the AGM was actually taking place in the fully refurbished theatre.  He expressed sincere thanks to BIG and the other funders for their tremendous support and to all the members and supporters of Playgoers who had worked so tirelessly throughout the year to move the theatre operation out of the building whilst the work was going on and back again afterwards.  Thanks were also recorded to James Watson the project manager in particular and also to all the professionals and contractors who were involved with the refurbishment.
The Chairman then described the changes in management structure which had been implemented during the year with the setting up of the new Theatre Management Group (TMG) to look after the day-to-day running of the theatre and the Playgoers Production Committee (PPC) chaired by Jenni Rushton to exclusively look after all the activities of Workington Playgoers.  A slimmed-down Council will meet less frequently than before to concentrate on overall strategy and forward planning.
Tribute was paid to long-standing member and supporter Noeline Williamson who died recently and regret that our President Geoffrey Hool was not able to attend the AGM because of illness.
On the positive side, the Chairman expressed delight at the progress made by the Theatre Royal Second Stars Youth Theatre under the guidance of Millie Hardie-Sims and by the decision of the Shakespeare Players to adopt the Theatre Royal as their home.
He concluded his remarks by explaining that he had decided to step down as chairman, but expressed his willingness to stay involved to manage the remainder of the Phase 2 funding programme and if requested to do so, to manage any further funding that might be required.
Treasurer’s Report   The Treasurer (Gilda Wells) presented the accounts to the members and explained that the underlying trading result for the year after all the external grant funding was stripped out resulted in a small loss of £966.  This is an excellent result considering that the normal theatre activities were so severely disrupted by the building programme.  Acceptance of the Accounts was proposed by Gill Scholey and seconded by Anne Hindmoor.
Theatre Management Group Report  The Vice Chairman of Playgoers and Chairman of the TMG Paul Adams reported on the wide range of issues dealt with by the TMG including Fire; Health & Safety; Data Protection; Safeguarding; Security (key access & codes); Theatre Hire Agreement; cleaning contract; signage; fixtures & fittings; Saturday morning coffee and theatre parking.  His report was augmented by individual reports from the Front of House team (Gillian Scholey), from Publicity & Marketing (Pat Brinicombe), and from the Technical Director (Geoff Brinicombe)
Productions Report The Chairman (Jenni Rushton) reported that Playgoers is extremely busy with lots of exciting new initiatives.  Play Selection is taking place well in advance and new casting procedures are being discussed.  Social events for Members are taking place on a monthly basis and are being ably organised by Viv Young.  Jenni stressed the importance and effectiveness of the pre-production meetings which now take place well in advance of every production.  She also welcomed the Shakespeare Players group to the theatre and congratulated Millie on the success of the Second Stars Youth Theatre Group.  Her report was followed by individual reports from Second Stars (Millie); the Props Department (Anne Chambers); a Wardrobe department report (Helen Earl) and a Membership report.
Copies of all the individual reports are available from the Secretary (Grace Walker) on request.Election of Officers and Council Members – the following were elected:
Chairman                           Pat Brinicombe  (prop. Peter Inglis, sec. Jenni Rushton)
Pat Brinicombe took over the Chair at this point in the meeting.
Vice-Chairman                   Paul Adams  (prop. Geoffrey Hall, sec. Kelly Davis)
Treasurer                            Gilda Wells  (prop. Peter Inglis, sec. Grace Walker)
Secretary                            Grace Walker (prop. Peter Inglis, sec. Gilda Wells)
AssistantTreasurer            Anne Hindmoor  (prop. Gilda Wells, sec. Pat Brinicombe)
Technical Director              Geoff Brinicombe (prop. Peter Inglis, sec. Paul Adams)
Productions Director          Jenni Rushton  (prop. Pat Brinicombe, sec. Gilda Wells)
Geoffery Hool continues as President of the club and Geoffrey Hall as Company Secretary.

Pat Brinicombe proposed a vote of thanks to the outgoing Chairman, Peter Inglis.

Any Other Business

  1. It was mentioned that most reports at the AGM only summarise the previous year’s activity and might also include plans for the coming year.   ACTION:  Council to consider this.
  2. A query was raised about the revised Constitution. Could this be made available to all Members?  ACTION: Council to circulate an electronic copy to all Members and / or put a copy on the Website.
  3. The lifting system for the hatch on the stage will be in place shortly.  ACTION: Geoff Brinicombe
It appears that many members have not seen the Wingspan report on the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation.  ACTION:  Council / TMG to update the Wingspan Action Plan and circulate copies of the original report and Action Plan to all members electronically and / or to post copies on the website
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