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1981 April Bedroom Farce

By Alan Ayckbourn
Date: Wednesday 29th April – Tuesday 5th May (Exc. Sunday)
Director Dudley Evans

This comedy takes place in three bedrooms. Not adjacent bedrooms as the set could suggest, but in three very different bedroom with very different occupants in three very different homes.

You will be familiar with at least one of them. Possibly that of Ernest and Delia, the middle aged couple in their Victorian type dwelling, or the partly redecorated terraced house of the newly weds Malcolm and Kate, or the more sophisticated bedroom of Nick and Jan in their modern flat.

The action takes place in all three rooms simultaneously during one hectic night.

The beds are there, the couples ready to occupy them, but the one important ingredient-sleep-sadly eludes them all, due to the unwelcome nocturnal visitations of the odd couple, Trevor and Susannah

A Workington Playgoers Production

Photographs by Stan Partleton with Kind Permission of the Times and Star

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