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1979 December ‘Semi-detached’

By David Turner December 1979 Directed by Ron Dickens L/R front: Ian Mitchell, Pauline Harness, Ann Dickens, Geoff Hool, Jenni Rushton, Derek Sorenson. Standing: Simon Yearsley, Marjorie Hool and Bob Graham   Times & Star Review (click to open)

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1979 April Boeing Boeing

By Bill Naughton Director John Skelton Once upon a time there were three air hostesses - Janet, Jacqueline and Judith. They were all engaged to Bernard, a bachelor architect, who had more designs on the girls than on the drawing…

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1978 March The Wind in the Sassafras Trees

By Ray Galton and Alan Simpson Director John G. Perry This play is freely adapted from an original by Rene de Obaldia called The Wind in the Branches of the Sassafras, which satirised the typical Western. Galton and Simpson, the writers…

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1976 May “Antigone”

By Jean Anouilh May 1976 Directed by Mary Robson CAST Chorus                        John Skelton Antigone                     Jo Wilson Nurse    …

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1974 November All in Good Time

Marriage is a fair institution - no family should be without one. Our family tonight certainly has one. We open with the kind of celebration that goes on everywhere, her family, his family, the friends and the relations setting the…

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